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Didnt do anything for me. I paid to install the app and once I was post-op I deleted it because the app doesnt tell me anything I dont already know; and now that I still have hyperparathyroidism and want to download the app, I have to re-purchase it? No thanks. Useless; ripoff.

Incredible Tool!

Thank you, Dr. Norman, for creating such an amazing tool for patients to use. This app allowed me to easily enter a few lab values and provided me with some very detailed (and concerning) information which I would not have had access to otherwise! The results I obtained prompted me to take immediate action in becoming a patient and scheduling my surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Center. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to maintain a proactive role in their own health care!

Some functions dont work

The part of the app that demonstrates calcium versus vitamin d versus pth keeps telling me that I havent input any data. This is obviously false. Please fix it if youre going to charge people money for this app.

High calcium answered

This app is awesome. It is accurate, comprehensive and easy to navigate. Without this app I would have been stumbling through life with high calcium and feeling terrible for years to come. (most doctors seem to be ignorant or apathetic about high calcium and primary hyperthyroidism). This app puts control of your health back into your own hands. I have been extremely impressed with the app, the website and then ultimately the very successful surgery I had from the team in Tampa. So impressed, I self funded my surgery and trip from New Zealand (where I live with free public health care). Totally the right choice if you care about your health.

Works great.

If you have your labs, this app works great. It is a computer program comparing your labs to thousands of known parathyroid patients. It cant be wrong of you use it correctly so people who say it doesnt work are obviously not entering their information correctly. Take your time and enter your lab test results and you will learn a lot. It can help you make important decisions about your health.

Must have app!!!

This is a world class life saving app made by world class life saving medical team! This app allowed me to diagnose myself and ultimately know more about this disease than my primary care doctor or the first surgeon I sought to cure my disease. I just completed my surgery with Dr. Norman and his team in Tampa, and I wholeheartedly urge any patient, anywhere, to find a way to get to Tampa and be cured! The app is simple to use, and highly accurate and clear cut. Get this app, and do yourself a favor and get to Tampa. You will never regret it. Take control of your life and your well being.

Calcium Pro

After I input several years of my blood work results, Calcium Pro turned them into meaningful and easily understood conclusions and information about my condition. The Calcium Pro graphics and conclusions helped me verify my longstanding opinion that my health problems were caused by high levels of calcium. For more than three years my calcium readings had been higher than 10, but just above the "acceptable range." My vitamin D was at the low end of the acceptable range, but would not improve. Based on my research, I felt I had hyperparathyroidism but my local doctors disagreed. Instead, they felt that my readings were just barely out of the normal range and could not be the cause of my symptoms. I deferred to the doctors until mid 2016. By then my health had further deteriorated. After a battery of tests my medical professionals had no answers and no solutions. When I restarted my research into high calcium and low vitamin D, I found the Calcium Pro app on The app confirmed and substantiated that my high calcium readings and resultant symptoms were caused by hyperparathyroidism, which could be cured only by surgery. I immediately contacted Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, Florida and arranged for parathyroid surgery in early August 2016. We flew 3,000 miles to have Doctors Norman and Boone perform this complex, but quick, surgery. Within 3 ½ hours, my surgery was complete, I was through recovery and I was released. Immediately after surgery, the severe pain in my feet and legs was gone. It will take several weeks for my body to properly function with the normal calcium levels. Thank you Norman Parathyroid Center for your expertise, your care, your professionalism and, last not least, your amazing web site at Thank you Calcium Pro for helping document and solidify my self-diagnosis.

Dr. In your phone

I stumbled on this app while researching causes of high calcium levels. I love this app. It is so easy to use. This app made me smarter than my primary care Dr. This app allowed me to talk intelligently with my dr. about what test were needed and those not. My Dr. actually wanted to have me tested for bone cancer. Of course the pet/ct scan came back negative, as the app told me it would. With this app I was able to get my primary care Dr. back on track. I have never felt more in control of a medical problem. This app will help me to monitor the progression of my cure into the future. I felt so knowledgeable after showing up for surgery.

Very helpful

Easy to use and helpful in determining diagnosis.

Informative, reaffirming, and interesting

Although you can learn everything you need to know (and then some) regarding hyperparathyroidism on Dr. Normans website, and you can ultimately diagnose and refer yourself given that information, its not until you put YOUR values into this app that you truly understand YOUR situation. It is reaffirming and motivating. Maybe it wont convince your obstinate PMDs medical opinion, but it will eliminate your and your familys doubts and skepticism, and it will save you time, money, and continued suffering. Not to mention, its very interesting to see how your case compares to thousands of others. Would certainly recommend!


Great information and easy to navigate!

Dr. Norman is the man!

This app is a wonderful tool! I gained so much knowledge from its content that I could personally diagnose people having hyperparathyroidism!!! The knowledge gained allowed me to push my mothers bottom feeding doctors (or goats and monkeys) into several corners, where they had no choice but to listen. If you or someone you know is suffering from the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism, plug all the data you have into the app and present it to the doctors and then get scheduled for Dr. Norman and his team to save your life!!!

Great app!!

Please believe what the app tells you and take action based on that, not what your doctor says.

Life saving app

After my husbands blood work revealed an elevated calcium level, his physician decided to play the "wait and see" game. When his calcium level dipped to the high normal range, his doctor said that he was fine. After we found this app, we entered all of the blood test results, and discovered that my husband was indeed a candidate for parathyroid surgery. His doctor was still skeptical but went along with this. We chose the Norman Parathryoid Center at Tampa General. His tumor was removed by extremely competent surgeons and we have high hopes for a complete recovery.

Great app

This app allowed me to take control of my own health and it correctly determined that I had hyperparathyroidism. I had one parathyroid gland and a thyroid nodule removed by Dr. Norman a week ago.

Very Helpful During Difficult time

This App was very helpful in helping me to confirm my diagnosis as I was working with my PCP and Endocrinologist. I was able to input all of my data and see a number of graphs and diagrams to put my medical condition into context. I recommend this tool as part of your research and had a very professional and successful procedure at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic.

Diagnosed Myself in Minutes!

This app is very useful for anyone who thinks they might have hyperparathyroidism! I used this app to diagnose myself in January 2016 before I officially found out that I had it from my doctor. Once I knew that I had it, I immediately contacted the Norman Parathyroid Center and was scheduled for surgery in February 2016 (5 weeks after contacting them). All I can say is that they are the REAL deal. They found a quarter size tumor in 16 min with a very small incision on my neck. I am now 10 days post operation and feel like a new woman! I plan to continue using this app to see the growth in my bone density over the next few years and track my calcium levels in the future. Well worth the money!

This app knew more than my endocrinologist

Always do your research, people! My endocrinologist wanted to "fix" my low vitamin D first and then see if my Ca levels normalized. Said he thought I had early hyperparathyroid disease and wanted to run more tests. Sigh... I said no and went for a second opinion. Just had an adenoma removed that Dr. Norman said has been there for years, based on the amount of PTH it was pumping out. So glad I found this app and the doctors at the Norman Parathyroid Center! Cant recommend enough.

Fun, but is it useful?

If you already have test results that are probative of hyperparathyroidism, then your current doctors have probably already diagnosed you. If you are in those grey areas, where doctors disagree, then you are likely to find that your docs put any credence in this tool. If you are already going to these Florida docs, then this tool preaches to the choir. Although these Florida docs are very opinionated, they do not appear to speak for the majority of endocrinologists. Who is right, I do not know, but this tool is not likely to persuade your doc that you have a problem. It would seem to be a better marketing tool to get you to take your case to the Florida docs.

Why Dont More Physcians Recognize the Symptoms?

Great App! Flagged a parathyroid issue. Caught a situation that my doctors were missing. need more physcian awareness of the wide range of symptoms associated with elevated calcium levels and the possibility of a parathyroid issue being the root cause.

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